Friday, January 07, 2005

Dallas Cowboys director of scouting retires

Great news for all Dallas Cowboys fans.

Larry Lacewell, director of scouting has officially retired. This is the most upbeat news I have heard about my beloved Cowboys since Bill Parcells was hired.

Since 1996, Dallas has had 2 winning seasons, and even with the low draft choices (3 straight years of 5-11 seasons) the Cowboys haven’t been able to move up in the standings (barring a fluke season or two). Every year, the draft hasn’t panned out as planned. (Three corners drafted in one season. Guess what position still needs to be filled?) The fault has always been put on Jerry Jones’ shoulders. This has been somewhat undeserved. Jerry may be an egomaniac (you have to be to get to his level) but the man just wants to win.
Bottom. Line.

Lets look at this years draft for instance.
Julius Jones - Considered to be Bill Parcells’ boy, and seems to be a stud (102 ypg)
THEN it falls off A BIT.

Jacob Rogers – 2nd round OT played on some special teams.
Stephen Peterman – 3rd round guard. Tore an ACL in preseason. Jury is still out.
Bruce Thornton – 4th round corner. Inactive first 3 games, tore an ACL in only game played. Jury is still out.

2003 draft. Decent talent.
Terence Newman at corner (first), Al Johnson at Center (second), Jason Witten (third).

Before that, the results were depressing. Six players drafted from 1997-2002 were legitimate starters this year. This is the time when these players are supposed to be coming into their primes.

Maybe things were just in a slump, but I doubt it. I am hoping that whomever it was in the organization that found Jason Witten as a 3rd rounder will be promoted. Otherwise, I would like to see someone established brought in. Something needs to be shaken up, desperately.

No more drafts with Ebenezer Ekuban, Shante Carver, David LaFleur, etc. It seemed as if the team was looking to replace individual components by drafting a guy that looked like the player they lost. Antonio Bryant was a hot-headed, talented receiver, a-la Michael Irvin. Problem was, he couldn’t stay in his routes. David LaFleur was a big tight-end who could catch, a-la Jay Novachek, he just couldn’t produce when they needed and kept getting injured. Shante Carver was a pass-rushing defensive end, a-la Charles Haley. Now Shante is in the Arena League. Super guy, he just didn’t have it.

Now, I have hope. With every loss, my dad would let me know we were just going to get better in the draft. I kept reminding him that the Cowboys don’t seem to be able to draft for the last decade. But now there is a chance for change. Now there is reason for hope.

And that’s all you need to know.


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