Monday, January 24, 2005

Rough week for the Old man

Lets sum up the week for Old Man Winters

The Good:
My folks were in town, thus freeing up the wife and me from lots of parenting duties. Much relaxation was had.

The Bad:
The continuing saga of playoff teams for whom I am rooting ultimately choking continues. Yet again this year, I am faced with the prospect of hoping for a fatal crash of both teams who are Super Bowl bound. Both teams are awful and both cities have the most obnoxious fans (Philly as the worst, Boston as second worst.) If possible, maybe somehow they can both lose. The best I can hope for now is Philly winning, with Terrell Owens getting injured again or not being a factor. Which probably means that Terrell Owens will play and make an idiot of himself again, but New England will win. The NFL sucks right now.

On a personal note, I lost in fantasy basketball to the biggest tool in our league. I guess if I lose a game to Angie Dickenson here, things need to change. (Angie Dickenson played Big Bad Mama in the eponymous film). To give credit where credit is due, Big Bad mamma's players were at the top of their game. Mine were not. I got beat. Who knew Vince Carter, Kirk Hinrich, etc were going to have the best games of the season against me. Also, I want to give a big fat thank you to Shaq for throwing down a huge 14 pt. 8 reb game on Sunday. Way to step up, big man. Really helps my cause. Anyway, congrats to Angie Dickenson on the victory and I hope you never win another game.

And that is All You Need to Know.


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