Thursday, February 03, 2005

Great shot at the Left.

I for one am always looking for ways to take shots at the political left, but rarely do I see a comment that so succinctly puts my feelings into words. Tim Graham does so for me on National Review Online with the following. I will quote the entire paragraph for context:

"After several years of projecting doom in Iraq, it's odd to see the media attacking the White House for building a sense of urgency about reforming Social Security with the Democrats kicking and screaming behind. The night before last, Ted Koppel concluded with the thought: "Yes, fear is a powerful force, but here's a lovely sign I saw the other day: 'Pessimism,' it read, 'is a misuse of the imagination.'" How any arrogant liberal media gloom merchant like Koppel can say that without an ounce of introspection on their own recent career is an amazing sign of the hermetically sealed desperation inside the shrinking bubble of liberalism."

Beautiful. Thank you Mr. Graham.

Also, I just have to mention the tiny amount of attention I have seen in the mainstream media about the election in Iraq. I was half-way through Sunday before I remembered the election and decided to check out FoxNews for an update. I was stuck in the house by ice, so I was watching more TV that even usual, but there was no mention of it on any of the regular channels I watched, network or otherwise.

This is absolutely pathetic. 25 million people get to experience democracy after living under the thumb of a junior Stalin for 35 years, and we hear not a peep. I am so tired of this country's media, I am tempted to tune out completely. Makes me sick.

I will revert to sports with the next post and get off my soap box and onto a sports-related one.

And that is all you need to know.


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