Wednesday, February 23, 2005

NBA All Star Weekend

Some random thoughts assembled by the crack staff at Oldmanwinters.

  • While watching the one-on-one with Kevin Garnett, I have never liked this guy more. Watching how much losing is affecting him (KG cried!) made me want him to win more than ever. Also, it made me dislike Sam Cassell and Sprewell more than I ever have. Those guys ought to be ashamed of themselves. I would love for GP or Jason Kidd to go there in a last-minute trade. Whatever they need to get KG over the top.
  • Loved the old slam-dunk footage. Not sure why, but the old guys just didn't have the hang time. They never looked like they were jumping that high. Also, they seemed to look old even when they were young.
  • Watching the NBA Shooting Stars and we wondered: What's the over/under on Magic's weight gain since last year? We set it at 20 lbs. and I am taking the over. Honestly, who weighs more now, Magic or Shaq?
  • The 3 point shoot out. Is it just me or do you get the feeling that even though they aren't "leading the league," guys like Kobe, Lebron, Dirk, Rip Hamilton, etc. would make more shots than Rafer Alston.
  • Was Josh Smith on or what? Living in Atlanta, we have seen some nasty dunks from him and some blocks administered with much anger, but that was something special

On to the game

  • Kobe and Shaq did not greet each other before the game. Grow up, boys.
  • Kobe had a sweet turnaround jumper with the left hand. Nice.
  • In response, Shaq gets a nice dunk and a foul. (He misses the free throw.)
  • LBJ completes a beautiful Alley-oop from half-court.
  • Shawn Marion gets identical dunks, one on a breakaway, one in the half-court set. That is some creativity, let me tell you.
  • We at Oldmanwinters approve of the return to the official jerseys for the All-Star game. That idea of players wearing jerseys of their own teams, but with an All Star patch was stupid. I like the East/West jerseys with the logo of the team embroidered just above the name.
  • How nice was that alley-oop by Amare where he nearly decapitated himself ducking under the rim?
  • Almost as nice as Vince's Alley-oop to himself. I don't care if his cousin T-Mac did it before. I am still impressed by any player that can do that in a game.

And that is all you need to know.


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