Wednesday, February 22, 2006

All You Need to Know

The first Top 10 List from OldManWinters

Inspired by the discussions of Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley during the All-Star weekend as well as the errors in judgement they made.

Top 10 Dunkers of all time:

10. Brent Barry - HE'S WHITE!!!!
9. Dee Brown - The no-look dunk was awesome and he was the ultimate Reebok salesman, pushing those "pump" shoes.
8. Darryl Dawkins (Dr. Dunkenstein) - The first one to name his dunks. Plus, he was from the planet "Lovetron"
7. Kobe Bryant - As quick an elevation as I have ever seen. Such a complete player, and an amazing dunker.
6. Dr. J - The 'Fro. The Free throw line. impressive, most impressive.
5. Michael Jordan
4. Jason Richardson - Extremely creative, came up with new dunks in this day and age.
3. Spud Webb/Nate Robinson - Shorter than me, makes the list.
2. Dominique Wilkins - Beautiful dunks, smooth, fluid, and all the dunkers talk about how hard they are to do.
1. Vince Carter - The most amazing dunks I have ever seen, in games as well as in contests. Half-man, half-amazing.

Honorable mention: Andre Igoudala for pulling off a dunk I thought was impossible. Cedric Ceballos for the blindfold. I still think it was a trick. Shawn Kemp for some unbelievable stuff early in his career. John Starks for that nasty one on mike and Horace.

New direction for now

It's time for OldManWinters to go in a new direction. I'm feeling less angry, which is why I haven't posted in a while. I used to get all kinds of bile that had to vented. Now, I think I need to make top 5 and top 10 lists. Occasionally some DVD reviews. Neither of which will be timely, so don't feel you have to check every day. Thank you for your attention.